Frank J. Davies, CHS-IV, CIPS, CVI

President and Co-Founder
Frank Davies

Frank is a veteran of 28+ years in the physical and electronic security industry. Frank has specialized in the design and implementation of sophisticated security integration projects for the Federal Government, Airports and Fortune 500 clientele such as Intel, Raytheon, Digital Equipment Corporation and Liberty Mutual Insurance. Prior to his involvement with Aella Consulting Group, Frank headed the Commercial Systems Group/Security Division for a $60M US based international systems integrator that was part of a large merger to stage it for acquisition and was then acquired by GE Transportation Group. Most recently he was involved with a company to help stage for acquisition which was accomplished with Group 4 Technologies. Frank has been employed to run and foster company turnarounds after catastrophic employee turnover, and to spearhead large expansion efforts.

Frank has held government clearance levels and has working knowledge with many government and government sponsored projects. As a U.S. PBA Agent (a support organization to Homeland Security and other US law enforcement and investigative agencies), Frank is recognized as an Electronic Surveillance Expert and Advisory Board Member.

Frank is a Certified in Homeland Security (CHS-IV) by the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, a Certified Infrastructure Professional with the Office of Infrastructure Preparedness, NFPA Member, Infragard Member (FBI Private/Business Organization), American Society for Industrial Security Member (Since 1984), and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (Since 1996). Frank has published works on various security topics, and has occasionally been a guest speaker on emerging surveillance technologies.