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Aella Consulting Group is a strategic Physical Security Design and Consulting firm that partners with some of the most dynamic clients, high-profile organizations, and industry professionals in the world.

Electric substation in an urban setting.


Aella Group provides expert guidance and services to individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments to help them mitigate risks and enhance their security posture. Our firm employs a team of security experts who have extensive experience in various domains of security, such as physical security, cybersecurity, risk management, and emergency response planning.


Aella Consulting Group’s principals have more than 75 years of combined firsthand experience from work within all aspects of the security profession. Aella’s Principals have spent years cultivating relationships with other industry experts, support personnel, and Manufacturers. This huge network of hundreds ensures you get the most appropriate and highest level of support for the tasks you put in our hands. In addition to in-house resources, Aella Consulting Group has Associates, Engineers, Drafters, and other Subject Matter Experts available with specialized skill sets and as support for all types of large-scale security projects.

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