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Aella’s supports clients in many different markets (Critical Infrastructure, Commercial, Government, and Transportation). As a company, we have subject matter expertise in applying physical security technology to protect Critical Infrastructure.

Many of our clients are concerned with mitigating federal, state, and local requirements to operate securely. You can learn more about the requirements in your segment from the information below. When you are ready, contact us to schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.

Critical Infrastructure

  • LNG Facilities
  • Gas Gate Stations
  • Electrical Sub Stations
  • Large & Small Office Buildings


  • City, State. & Federal
  • Cyber Planning
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Federal & State Institutions


  • Large & Small Office Buildings
  • Commercial Projects
  • System Designs
  • Needs Assessments


  • Physical Security Designs
  • Project Oversight
  • Commissioning Agent Services


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